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1996 Agreement Between China And India

Article 1 of the agreement stipulates that neither side should resort to or encourage violence by any means, and also calls for the border dispute to be resolved by a peaceful settlement. The non-resolution of the border conflict led to the Salino-Indian war in 1962 and there was no definitive agreement between the countries on the exact location of the LAC. According to Alyssa Ayres, South Asia specialist at the Council on Foreign Relations, “China and India have different views of where they should be, resulting in regular border crossings. Often these tensions do not escalate; A serious border demarcation situation, such as the one we have at the moment, is less common, although it is the fourth since 2013. Since the 1962 war, the two countries have concluded various bilateral agreements as confidence-building measures (CBM) to avoid an escalation of the situation, including the high-profile 1996 agreement and the “dominant practice” of not using weapons near the LA, which stems from this agreement and others. We have described the various bilateral agreements as well as the relevant government and the international sources to which they can be accessed: the agreement in question was signed between the two countries in 1996. The seven-page agreement, signed on 29 November, took place in a spirit of “mutual respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity, mutual non-aggressiveness, non-interference in the internal affairs of the other, equality and mutual benefit, and peaceful coexistence.” The two countries of the agreement hoped for an “ultimate solution” to the border issue and the establishment of peace and calm at the border. The first agreement of 1993 aimed to maintain peace along the effective line of control (LAC) along the India-China border and to work towards a peaceful settlement of border disputes between countries. The 1996 agreement specifically specified the protocols to be followed by the military of the two border countries. “These agreements apply to border management, not a tactical military situation.