Assignment Of A Loan Agreement

the law – often referred to as a “legal order” of transfer, since they have an effect equivalent to a transfer of rights effect, or 7.1.4. in the event of insolvency of the loan or partner or late payment by the originator of the loan or the partner, in accordance with the cooperation agreement of the loan initiator, the partner and the AV Marketplace, to take over the management of the debt in accordance with this agreement and to recall the authorization of the agent to the partner. After AV Marketplace has taken over the management of the claim by the partner, AV Marketplace is authorized and the agent irrevocably authorizes AV Marketplace to transfer the management of the right to third parties at the discretion of AV Marketplace. AV Marketplace or, in the event of a transfer of the management of the right by AV Marketplace to third parties, that third party is considered a partner under this agreement from the date on which AV Marketplace informed the partner of the management of the right or entrusted the management of the right to a third party by AV Marketplace. Make changes or additions to the loan agreement in accordance with point 6.7 of the terms and conditions of sale; 7.1.1. to enter into, on behalf of the agent, the guarantee agreement with the guarantor at AV Marketplace under the terms of the av Marketplace decision and to create other guarantees guaranteeing the performance of the obligations of the originator of the credit and the partner under that agreement; (see practical note: transfer of a fair pay-as-you-go loan) 6.7. The agent is aware of this and agrees that, during the term of the contract, the partner has the right to make changes or enter into additional contracts to the loan agreement without the prior agreement of the agent, provided that such additional changes or agreements do not result in changes to the borrower`s payments resulting from the loan contract or the renewal/deferral of maturity dates, except for changes in the monthly payment date initiated by the borrower. When new laws are passed or current laws are amended after the contract is concluded, or the government or local authorities have made a decision requiring the partner to make changes to the loan contract resulting in changes to the borrower`s payments as a result of the loan contract or the renewal/deferral of maturities, the agent accepts that the partner makes such changes without the prior consent of the agent. The partner agrees to notify AV Marketplace of these changes introduced at least ten (ten) working days before it comes into force, while AV Marketplace notifies the agent within ten (ten) working days of receiving the notification from that partner and the agent recognizes it as mandatory.

If the original lender still has obligations under the loan agreement (for example. B the obligation to make additional advances to the borrower), please use a loan note (see above on the right). 12.1. The contracting parties do not inform the borrower as a result of the assignment of the debt, unless required by this agreement. The parties do not file complaints against each other. 7.1.2. to make changes without prior consultation with the agent or to sign additional agreements to accompanying documents established in accordance with point 7.1.1 of the terms and conditions of sale; The transfer is a means by which a lender can transfer its loan shares to another lender.

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