Boundary Line Agreement Washington State

Moreover, a brief continuation of the above article related to RCW 58.04.007 (concerning a border adjustment contract): title insurance companies continue to regularly refuse insurance for these transactions. In practice, this refusal compromises your ability to sell and/or borrow your property. For example, you and your neighbor could follow the legal procedure in RCW 58.04.007, just to see that your buyer can`t get credit or that your own refinancing is denied. Neighbours who wish to adapt their borders should avoid rcW 58.04.007, period. We offer free advice to discuss your litigation situation at the edge of the land and show you how our real estate lawyers can help you. Call now for a free case assessment at 206-429-6931. Wait, is not an agreement, especially an agreement that you have notorized, essentially a contract. Well, yes, but since the contract includes the country, unless you and your neighbor stay happy at a common border for 10 years, the object of the contract did not meet the legal deadline of Adverse Possession. The parties will no longer be in what the lawyer calls “privity,” which would allow someone who is new to the country to come here and advance a whole new agenda.

Instead, the “friendly calm title” complaint may be your best option. The process is efficient: both parties commission real estate lawyers and inform the lawyers of the handshake agreement (provided that the lawyers have not already been involved). Lawyers use a surveyor to establish legal descriptions for (a) the transferred “strip” of land and (b) the readjusted parcels. Often, the cost of a full registration of the survey can be avoided. Then one of the lawyers brings a lawsuit and simultaneously submits to the judge an order, that is, an order signed by the two lawyers, indicating that the parties agree on the new lines of ownership. . . .

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