Discount Card Agreement Sample

In addition to all other compensation in this agreement (including the operating manual) or in operating regulations, you agree to accept us and our related companies (including management, directors, employees, lawyers, lawyers, shareholders, representatives and representatives) of and against all debts, judgments, sentences, awards, claims, claims, losses, losses, expenses, expenses, expenses, legal fees or bankruptcy costs that are related to: (a) to an object that does not meet the requirements of this agreement, operating manual, operating regulation, operating regulation or applicable legislation; (b) a card transaction or deed or omission in relation to a cardholder; (c) an alleged violation or violation of a property, contract, condition, representation, guarantee or agreement by you with a cardholder, card association or us, including your application to us, that contract, the operating manual and other annexes, in accordance with operating rules or a violation of applicable laws; (d) the deletion, deletion or circumvention of card transactions or objects through legal protection, adjuntation or otherwise; (e) claims, counter-claims, claims, disputes or defences, whether or not they are based on a card transaction; or (f) damage, including death or injury, caused by goods or services purchased on the card. (ii) a transaction between a cardholder and another entity or source other than the dealer or (iii) a fraudulent transaction. Traders are responsible for the actions of its employees and agents. The Bank may refund any item at any time in the event of a breach of a warranty, guarantee or contract relating to this article. The trader will comply with the current legislation. At the request of the banks, the merchant will provide commercial and financial information and inform the bank of any significant changes in name, location, ownership, type of transaction, sale of products and/or services not related to its day-to-day operations, or any change in the information provided to the bank on request or any other information provided to the bank. As a condition of the transmission of an object to us, you guarantee and declare compliance with all insurance, guarantees and commitments contained in this Agreement, the Operating Manual, the Operating Regulations and the applicable Act. The bank may block transactions or close the merchant`s terminals without notice due to alleged violations or violations of this section, for other reasonable reasons and if this agreement is terminated. Traders agree that obtaining permission for each card transaction does not guarantee payment to the merchant and does not free the merchant from liability for return bookings.

The merchant will not submit items that (i) do not have a direct sale transaction between the merchant and the cardholder in the normal course of merchant operations (excluding transactions with an agent or representative of the merchant, unless you agree to remain confidential (and keep it in a secure restricted area) and you cannot copy, publish, sell, exchange, disclose or provide other information, documents or account information (including account numbers) related to cards or cardholders for purposes other than the performance of your obligations. The distributor must not store or store magnetic tape data after a transaction has been authorized. If Merchant stores an electronic signature of a cardholder, Merchant can reproduce that signature only at the bank`s express request.

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