Missouri Board Of Nursing Sample Collaborative Practice Agreement

To perform an advanced registered nursing practice of delegated medical procedures that would be specified in a written collaboration agreement with a physician, meeting the requirements of the Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Rule and thus safeguarding a “recognition document” is a necessary precursor. There are reasons to review and discipline registered professional nurse and physician licences to participate in written community practice agreements, in which the delegations of the registered professional nurse belong as a trained nurse, where the nurse concerned is not recognized as a registered nurse in a clinical care area or clinical care function. It should be noted that the requirements inherent in the aforementioned national statutes and rules with respect to advanced practice in registered community care and practice may be related to other relevant national or federal legislation and regulations. It is imperative that nurses registered in advanced practice understand their scope and standards in terms of responsibility and responsibilities of care, securing and using all primary source data and documents that have any connection to their practice, attitude, patients, reimbursement options, etc. The Collaborative Practice Act states that the Missouri State Board of Nursing has the right and obligation to discipline registered nurses in advanced practice in the event of “violation of state or federal laws, rules or regulations, regardless of the licensee`s participation in a community practice agreement” [see (4) (G) of the rule]. (4) All technical or board certifications of the cooperating physician and all certifications of the advanced practice of the registered nurse; (9) A description of the date and manner in which health care delivery is monitored by the cooperating physician. The description contains provisions that, every fourteen days, the nurse registered in advanced practice must present at least 10% of the charts that document the provision of health care by the nurse registered for verification by the cooperating physician or by any other doctor designated in the community office; and (3) the requirement to prescribe, in each office where the registered nurse is admitted to an advanced practice, a prominent disclosure statement telling patients that they can be seen by a nurse registered in the advanced office and have the right to consult the cooperating physician; 9. It is the responsibility of the cooperating physician to determine and document the course of a period of at least one month during which the nurse registered in the advanced office must practice with the collaborative physician who is present at all times before practicing in an environment where the co-operative physician is not present without interruption.

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