Sample Of Child Support Agreement In The Philippines

First, there is no percentage of income from activity legally qualified as family allowances. I am married, but I have a daughter of a married man I can also get help from my daughter`s father The child`s birth certificate is proof of this, but the lack of signature is one of the reasons why mothers are prevented from forcing the father to provide financial assistance. Can the child be denied the right to assistance because of the father`s lack of signature on the child`s birth certificate? In general, the parent is primarily responsible for helping the child, although the court may need help from the grandparents. Good morning, good morning. I have three children, 14,10 and 9. I want to separate myself from my husband because I can`t take him anymore, because I`m a Womanizer who`s a liar. How many times did he cheat on me? But he never accepted it, even though I have evidence. I`m afraid I want a daycare, but he won`t. What am I going to do? Hello, in the father of our illegitimate daughter. I gave a support that the mother dictated, which is quite high, and I threatened not to see my child. Can I sue her for extortion? I am already 100% of the school and everything extra, plus the amount she asks for each month.

I also found out recently that she had not paid for school. what other way to proceed you might suggest. I just want my hard-earned money to go to my daughter and not to the other expenses for which she uses it. The amount she asks for and I give is 22k per month. Thank you, hi there. I thought about pushing an action towards my son`s father. “We are not married, but my son`s last name is registered under his father,” he admitted, signing the birth certificate. My son is 10 years old now, and my ex-spouse is already married to a child. They live in the Middle East, and I am also in the Oceania region, and my son is in Manila with my parents. I am a full-time single parent, especially in terms of financial needs, not visible every day at the moment, but I make sure that all of my son`s expenses are covered. My ex-partner and I, and his wife, are fine, but in plain clothes. I have tried so many times to reach him with regard to child care, I have tried to be diplomatic and act as a well-educated person, but no response and no discussion of him about it.

I used all the humble words, the beautiful statements that could help him understand the situation and my point, and I levelled them at his understanding. But none of them clarified his senses. He once told me that he will not support our child because he knows I deserve three times what he is. It will only do material things like chocolate, toys, clothes, shoes (which are not really necessary, most as does not want but does not need) and cash like P3000.00 to P5000.00 (what can we buy with this amount today?), notice only, during my son`s birthday or Christmas.

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