Us Cellular Parent Child Agreement

For parents and children, digital security can often be seen as a restriction rather than a protection, leading to the questioning of equity. U.S. Cellular is trying to change this perception by providing parents and children with resources to create common goals in the use of mobile devices and help children develop healthy habits while exploring their digital world. We are committed to helping families build healthy digital habits. Learn how our partnership with Google Family Link can help you define parenting security and teach kids how to navigate responsibly with U.S. Cellular (R) on devices. I had no idea that there was anything like children`s cell phone contracts or a parent-child agreement. I loved it, although I think kids shouldn`t be given cell phone, but there are times when you need to. My child has a go phone.

I don`t think I would be comfortable signing a contract for him yet. Bond E. Mobile phones, risk and responsibility: understanding children`s perspectives. Cyberpsychology (Brno). 2013;7(1). doi:10.5817/CP2013-1-3 Families already rely on technology in their daily lives and U.S. Cellular provides tools like the Family Protector app to help people use this technology to enjoy better family time. Parents see great value in giving their children their first mobile phone. In fact, 85 per cent of parents say that preparing for emergency communication is a determining factor in buying a phone. It`s so cool to hear that U.S. Cellular offers workshops for children.

And the parent-child agreement on the use of mobile phones sounds like a great idea. I can`t wait to solve these problems with my own son! The phone contract sample below can start you and your child. Use the contract as it is or treat it according to your own rules and consequences. Check the contract regularly when circumstances and challenges may change. U.S. Cellular wants to help parents and children navigate how they use social media, websites, connected devices and their smartphones. Finally, I would like to explain the key responsibilities, including controlled communication. Parents can also monitor all the content of communication on smartphones – such as text messages, contact lists, photos and call history. Access to the child`s contact list allows parents to identify trusted contacts and add others to a blacklist. Of course, we don`t let them go through willy-nilly with his cell phone; We have rules. U.S. Cellular offers device workshops to teach children (and adults) how to use different devices.

In addition, the family protection app allows parents to monitor their child`s location, device activity and space restrictions when needed. As a parent, however, it is sometimes important to spell things black and white.

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