Utu Vacation Agreement

n) – In a calendar year in which a worker`s right to leave increases on the occasion of the birthday, the worker is allowed to plan the additional period of leave to which he is entitled on the occasion of the birthday, at any time of that calendar year. F-1: After the establishment of a combined service area for the road and shipyard, will a new point for the definition of road service areas be set by a further extension of the switching terminals under existing agreements? (m) – Calendar days during which a worker is compensated on the instruction of the carrier during training and regular courses are included in determining the qualification for the leave. These calendar days are not subject to calculations 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 and 1.6 as provided for in point 1 a), b), (c) and e) Industrial switching service areas are not limited to a distance of more than ten (ten) miles or access to the last industry, depending on the lowest value. The distances shown below must be calculated on the basis of the switching limits in effect at the time of this agreement, unless the parties can agree otherwise on individual real estate. (b) – After the start of the holiday, the days during the holiday period are counted as part of the holiday. This agreement applies from 1956, but it also applies to duly filed with the airline on January 1, 1955 and 1955 leave registrations filed with the airline at the time of this agreement. No other claims are paid for 1955 on the basis of continuous service. Custody contracts are applied in accordance with their conditions for the year 1955. This will confirm our view that the criteria for qualifying leave in force at the time of this agreement continue to apply to workers represented by the organization who hold positions of professional presidents, local presidents and state legislative directors (“local officials”). In other words, the qualification changes described in Article V, Section 2, are not intended to revise the conditions for qualifying leave for these local officials.

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