Work Hardening Transitional Assignment Agreement

18 Objective: This protocol must be used to provide permanent accommodation. As soon as the department has been provided by the third-party administrator (TPA) or a qualified physician with permanent work restrictions and the service is informed that the employee cannot return to his or her usual position (U-C), but may return to a “modified/alternative” position within the county. IPM – MODIFIED/ALTERNATIVE POSITION With job offer forms at the address (P-S/MMI with permanent work restrictions) 18 14 What should happen: Give the employee the opportunity to share and discuss any concerns they may have during the Interactive Process Meeting (IPM). Once medical certificates have been received – compared to previous medical certifications in the file and: 1) Identify the tasks the employee can perform to assist the office while handling his work limitations; 2) Itemize tasks that employees can perform on the basis of their work limitations; 14 IPM – CONDITIONAL ASSIGNMENT AGREEMENT With temporary offer forms or P-S/MMI with permanent work restrictions in the… 12 IPM – CONDITIONAL ASSIGNMENT AGREEMENT With temporary job offer forms or P-S/MMI with permanent limitations: This agreement is temporary and is used when the department searches for a compatible position at the department or district level. This status is determined when a staff member with a work-related injury/illness becomes permanent and hospitalized or has achieved maximum medical improvement (MIM). or a worker suffering from a non-industrial injury/illness is subject to a work restriction (temporary or permanent). If a position cannot be identified within the employee`s department, a district-wide job search is conducted according to the Department of Human Resources Policies, Procedures, Procedures, and Guidelines (PPG – 621). 12 15 3) Complete the Conditional Assignment Agreement form and include signatures; 4) provide a copy to the employee, the return-to-work unit and the third-party adjustment system (TPA) when the work is related; and 5) the development and maintenance of a standard CAA monitoring process. Cont…

15 IPM – CONDITIONAL ASSIGNMENT AGREEMENT 19 IPM – MODIFIED/ ALTERNATIVE POSITION Using Job Offer Forms (P-S/MMI with permanent Work Restrictions) cont… Trigger: The employee has permanent work restrictions that are not compatible with the employee`s U-C position; However, the employee can be adapted to a modified/alternative position. What Should Happen: A. Give the employee the opportunity to share and discuss any concerns they may have during the necessary Interactive Process Meeting (IPM). 1) Do a department-wide search to assess the feasibility of the remaining staff in your own department. 19 21 IPM – MODIFIED/ALTERNATIVE POSITION With job offer forms under (P-S/MMI with permanent work restrictions) If the employee disagrees, but the service believes that the classification is compatible, proceed as follows: 1) Send the job description of the modified/alternative position to the appropriate physician for verification and advice; and 2) If a written response is received by the doctor, follow the staff member again. WAS PASSIEREN SOLLTE: 21 20 CONT… 2) If no positions are found within the department, you will refer to the Personnel Division`s guidelines and procedural guidelines (PPG 621). 3) Once a position has been identified with the employee`s home service or another county department, complete a modified/alternative work offer notice (DWC-AD 10133.53) with the employee and return the employee to a modified/alternative assignment.

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