Work Trial Agreement Form

The manual describes insurance agreements for customers who perform an authorized work check. For more information on insurance for work trials, see section 9.9.4 of this guide. Work tests must be fully documented prior to the start of the trial with agreement on proven work. Rehabilitation coordinators can access the Rehabilitation Page Manual on the Rehabilitation Assistance page and compensation under “Work Trials.” The work experience agreement describes the responsibilities of the employer, client, VAD and rehabilitation service provider. The agreement also contains specific details on mediation, including tasks, medical restrictions and schedules. It is important to list all relevant medical restrictions to ensure that the employer can effectively manage its health and safety tasks. The rehabilitation coordinator must ensure that the person responsible for the client`s incapacity to work is immediately informed that the examination has been discontinued and that all relevant details of the client`s current employment are made available to the delegate. In order to be downloaded into the ISH R-C, the DVA Rehabilitation Coordinator must send the re-educator an e-mail containing information about the download of R-C ISH and the transaction reference number (TRN) to be used for each customer. All points or recommendations in the progress report must be recorded and implemented in the ISH R-C. Formal training to improve personal and professional skills should be seen as a complement to workplace training that can be provided during the work examination. The working-day books should be put online by the rehabilitation operator on a 14-day R-C ISH file. Documents downloaded in the ISH are stored in the client`s TRIM feed and labelled as new information in the ISH R-C.

The rehabilitation service provider must ensure that the VAD Rehabilitation Coordinator provides progress reports on the course of the work examination and that he or she is informed of the issues that arise. This is important because it is the rehabilitation coordinator of the DVA who assumes overall responsibility for the outcome of the work examination. When the host makes a job offer after the work examination, the rehabilitation service provider should ensure that the wages and conditions of employment payable are in accordance with the agreement or the work policy agreement applicable in that workplace. The rehabilitation service provider is responsible for organizing and monitoring a work experience for the client.

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