Employment Agreement Legal Advice

As an employee, you can be left in a difficult situation and it is very common for employees to fear that a complaint will cause them to lose their jobs. Yet this is why there is labour law: to protect your rights in the workplace. All workers, regardless of the number of hours they work each week, have the right to receive a written declaration from their employer within two months of the start of work. The statement should describe the main conditions of the employment contract. In addition, most employment contracts contain confidentiality clauses that limit your ability to disclose your employer`s confidential information (including details of your clients and contacts). If you think that your employer has changed the conditions of your work or has not duly informed you of a change or has violated a provision stipulated in your employment contract, talk to an employment lawyer at best! There are a number of ways to pay for your legal work: you and your employer can agree on any terms of the employment contract, but you cannot agree on a contractual clause that places you worse than you under your legal rights. We advise you to first read your employment contract and employee manual, and then speak to a work office as soon as possible. This is due to the fact that claims to the labor courts and the court are time-critical and usually started from the date of the incident, not from the date you reported it. Our team has years of experience in helping people with all kinds of employment contract issues. Whether you only want a second couple of eyes when reviewing a new contract or need to take your employer to court for breach of contract, you can count on us to protect your interests.

The law provides that an employment contract between the employer and the worker has commenced from the date on which the worker accepts an offer of employment. Hine Legal`s employment lawyers take the time to understand your situation, then work with you to ensure that your new employment contract reflects what you have agreed with your new employer – and provides you with the necessary legal protection when it comes to employment contract law. Our goal is to consider your career in the long run. The more we understand your ambitions, the better we will be able to advise you as much as possible so that what you agree now supports your future career plans. In some cases, the employment contract may also include rights such as pension, paid leave, statutory sick pay, parental or adoption leave, severance pay and protection against unfair dismissal. . . .

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