Sale Agreement Format For Plot

5. The cost of the deed of sale or transfer fees shall be borne by the buyer.3. The seller must justify all costs on the property before the execution of the deed of sale. CONSEQUENTLY, the Parties have put their hands and signatures on this Agreement and have signed them, after having passed into account the conditions of their correctness, on the day, month and year before being written in the presence of the following points: – 4. The buyer must execute the deed of sale or transfer the land in his name or in the name of the latter. 1. The sellers will be the land with the land number ………. and improve on ……. sq. mts. described in more detail in the list below. The purchase price is calculated at the price of Rs. 400 per m².

the actual area of the land and the actual area of the land are determined by common measure of the land by the representatives of both parties. The first party agreed to sell the land to the second party for a total consideration of _______ on the following conditions: – 3. If the first party fails to execute and register the deed of sale for the benefit of the second party or its nomin, the first party shall also be held, at sole risk, on the date fixed above, from the date of receipt of the residual underperformance in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement, which shall be expressly applied by judicial means, the costs and expenses of the first supplier and the first party: the second part, lump sum damages. 1. That the second part represents an amount of ______ (nur_____) as a serious payment in cash/fraction of the total sales of ______ in cash/cheque/D.D. No ______ datiert ______ drawn on _____to of the first part, the receipt of which is confirmed by the first party and the balance of Rs. _________ is received from the second part at the time of execution and registration by the first part of the deed of sale of this property / land. 9. The buyer hereby declares that he is purchasing the property in question for the construction of residential dwellings and that, if the buyer is satisfied that he cannot use this land to build housing for residential purposes, the buyer has the possibility to terminate this contract and, in this case, neither party is entitled to costs against the other party, Costs, indemnities, damages or other expenses. A land sale Download this format if you are a certificate of land sale. The format is available in Microsoft Word Doc. 4.

The second party shall have the right to have the deed of sale of the property enforced and registered for the benefit of a person against whom the first party does not object. However, all costs of the deed of sale are the responsibility of the buyer. 14. If the sale is not in ………. Months from the date of this agreement, without act, omission or delay of the sellers, the buyer must pay the sellers interest on the equivalent of …….. % per year, from the date of expiry of this period of six months and until the date of closing of the sale, on the purchase price he must pay. And while the buyer is the owner who is interested in buying the land for the construction of the apartments, and the sellers have agreed to sell the mentioned land to the buyer under the conditions below: The first party is / is the owner of the property / land no: ________ .

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