Virginia Western Transfer Agreements

Semesters during which students are allowed to change under the agreement: the transfer is not smooth, however. To improve student success and determine when and where success occurs, two-year colleges, which produce transfer students, and four-year colleges that host them, need to partner to provide each other with mutual feedback. This report is primarily intended to give this feedback to two-year colleges, but four-year colleges will also find this data useful. Every four-year college and Commonwealth university that offers bachelor`s degree programs has some sort of transfer agreement with Virginia`s two-year public colleges. The transfer offers an affordable entry into higher education, with a large number of benefits for the student beyond the costs. Among these benefits, there is additional academic support for those who might not feel “college-ready” or for those who are several years after graduating from high school. Another plus is that every Virginian is an hour`s drive from a community college — no need to “leave” to go to college. Each section below provides an overview of a particular aspect of transmission. Links are embedded to give more details to the user.

. Eastern Shore Community College (A.A. &S. Diplome) General Studies Majors are not permitted. Guaranteed admission to the JMU does not guarantee the approval of a particular main subject. Plastic arts and nursing have special conditions of admission. In addition, the JMU does not accept associate degrees in Fine Arts or associate in Applied Sciences to meet general educational requirements. .

Blue Ridge Community College (A.S. and A.A. and S. Diplomas). JMU has guaranteed accreditation agreements with the following community colleges in Virginia. Please read the agreement and complete the Memorandum of Understanding with your Community University Advisor. Statements of intent may be submitted to your Community College at any time during your studies, but must be sent to JMU before the application period expires. If you do not meet all the requirements of the GAA, you can still apply for the JMU, although your accreditation is not guaranteed. Our transfer advice contains more information about the GAA program…. The agreement offers students who use the agreement the same access as local students on:.

The JMU will continue to allow students under the GAA to be considered with pass+ notes on their transcript. Some conditions remain valid, however: Virginia Highlands Community College (A.A. &S. Diplome). . . .

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